Xin chao!! (that is “hello” in Vietnamese) Another red letter day(s) on the road — this time in the cool (literally) city of Dalat.  We’re about 5,000 ft above sea-level in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and loving the constant ~60 degrees.  Yet another hard city to leave especially knowing that Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is overpopulated and hot hot hot.

We leave in 4 days for Chiang Mai, Thailand and it is with a very heavy heart we have to say goodbye to this long, skinny, diverse, exciting country we’ve been making our way down since early November.  I cannot believe that in just two days I will be celebrating my ~month-iversary~ in ‘Nam and 6 weeks on the road… my oh my how time flies!! (And for those of you keeping score at home, Cooper just celebrated his fourth month overseas!)

Here are some moments from the last few days in Dalat!

And of course, happy birthday to a lot of the people I love the most in this world including: My Mommmaaaa!!!!! Uncle Bret, Uncle Mike, Kara Fisher, and Casey Last!!!!!!!!!!! And Britney Spears and Aaron Rodgers and Sean Carter and Marisa Tomei

veggies at the night market! every night from 5pm-12am all sorts of shops and stands spring up offering anything from giant avocados (not pictured) to knock off Balenciagas. We went every night 🙂
mas veggies mas market — also, because Dalat is so cool (as compared to the rest of the country) they have all sorts of fruits and veggies you really can’t find in other parts of Nam (like the avocado mentioned above)
view from “Crazy House”
another shot from “crazy house”

selfie at the “crazy house” (if you’re in Dalat, feel free to skip this tourist trap… seemingly just an odd home to take pictures in)
view of Dalat!
fleurs and trees 🙂
groovy flowers seen at a Buddhist pagoda
hydrangeas at the pagoda (there were hydrangeas alllllllll over the city!! so beautiful reminded me of DeB a bit!)
weasel coffee! Do you all know about this?? The weasel eats the coffee berries and poops out the bean and then the droppings are dried for months and washed and the beans are roasted. Seems pretty inefficient and the coffee was maaadd expensive (for Nam, so $5) but it was cool to see, groovy to learn about etc.
More drying coffee beans at the weasel coffee farm!
Cup of weasel coffee and these awesome tomato-looking fruits that tasted like plums but had seeds like a pumpkin. Tres cool!
nice light in Dalat :’)
some graffiti I understood in a weird bar in Dalat whoot whoot #fuckDT #whyyougottamakemesomad


  1. Wow. So many new things you’ve discovered. Beautiful photos, esp the purple strings of flowers. So many questions: Did the avocados taste different than other ones you’ve had before? Do you know the name of the cherry-tomato-like plum/pumpkins? What exactly is “Crazy House”? How was the weasel coffee? Happy travelversary to you both!

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    • Shawne! Wow – so I’m sad to say we did not try the massive avocados! Silly little excuses every time… no spoon, going to dinner soon etc. and I don’t know the name of the mystery fruit. Upon discovery I will certainly let you know 🙂 crazy house was kind of like a not-under-construction, walkable Gaudi home. A bit less refined (imho) and really for Instagram, but most other people we spoke to loved it. The weasel coffee was delicious. Seems like a lot to go through for a cup of coffee, but it was strong and not-espresso (which is hard to find here). And thank you! This post would have been sitting in purgatory if it wasn’t for you. Heading to the airport now. We’ll be in Chiang Mai by the afternoon. New post coming soon!


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