Goodbye ‘Nam hello Thailand!

Quick post today — we are officially in Thailand and loving it already. Discovered a new favorite food Khaw Soi (so freaking good!!!!! Gram and Pop… not sure why, but I really think you’d like it. M&D you too. Can be quite spicy though!) I am already shocked / amazed / in awe at how different Thailand and Vietnam are. I had always grouped them in my head under the umbrella of “Southeast Asia” and incorrectly assumed the two countries would have similar personalities, but it’s like going from the US to Mexico. Just cause they’re next to each other doesn’t mean they’re the same! (“same same, but different”)

We arrived in Chiang Mai two days ago and are lucky enough to have two Tulane friends living in this groovy city too! Of course, we have already had a blast with them both #rollwave We all went out last night for the first time since traveling together and played pool!! (Yes, I won both games) and danced etc. and right now… as I write to you… the boys (Stephen and Coop) are playing tennis and I’m about to head off to a yoga class. (Yes, life is good here).

Lauren gets here tomorrow after what I’m sure was a long and annoying delay (pushing her precious vacation back an entire day) and together we’ll work our way down to the Thaislands (Thai + islands… I just made that up and kinda dig it!) for a few days and then Bangkok. After that, Alex and her family arrive in Chiang Mai just before Christmas so we’ll head back north to spend some time with them. After they head over to Vietnam for their Backroads trip (can’t wait to hear all about it!! of course reminiscing about our Duvine adventure fambam!!) I head to Sri Lanka for the better part of a week to see the one and only Lazat family and celebrate my best friends birthday in one of the most stunning places I’ve ever been while Cooper is joined in Thailand by one of his best friends, Joe!! (I told you life is good here!!!) We’ll all meet back here (Chang Mai) for New Years… possibly with a few of Coop’s abroad friends as well! And eventually round out SEAsia until we hit Australia some time early 2019!!!! Oh my lanta I’m getting so excited just writing about it!!

Captions to photos coming soon… don’t want to be late to yoga!

As always, missing everyone stateside. Sending love and happiness your way!!

From our final day in Vietnam! We took a Mekong delta tour. These are some little greenies seen on the final island of our tour!
Jack Fruit (I believe!)
Alligators 🐊 in this heart wrenching cage (seen during the Mekong delta tour). There were probably 2-3 times as many alligators in this horrible cage filled with trash water. Broke my heart… those lil guys belong in DeB 💚
I like these leaves and their shadows 😉
Pagoda – seen during that final day in Nam 🇻🇳
Different pagoda – seen on that final day in Nam. Look at those gorgeous pink flowers! And the big happy Buddha!
More from pagoda with those big happy Buddhas. I like the light 💡
Geometry! Patterns! In the pagoda!
Pagoda – Vietnam!

Buddha from behind – Vietnam

Final picture in Nam / saying goodbye to the final pagoda. Already missing this crazy country!!!

Stephen playing pool! Stephen is the #greenwaver that lives in Chiang Mai now

Special treat this morning. Few things better than FaceTimes with loved ones! best part about waking up before Cooper. Makes for a perfect hour or so to try to catch up with friends and family back at home! Jenny gurl pictured here. At work 😦 at 11pm. Big month for her and Hatch – shop there for maternity clothes!

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