Loop Wrap-Up and final days in Hanoi :(

Hello all!!! So here we are! Last night in Hanoi (for the foreseeable future) before we part from Thatch and this city in the morning (at 7am… help!) anyway, we’re making our way south and plan to be in Saigon by the first week of December (yes, people call still HCM City Saigon here). Here is the final installment of Ha Giang loop / Hanoi images + memories… for now!

1. Card game is called “Shithead” — no winners just the thank person to get out is the loser, and therefore the shithead. We played it A LOT. Like, a lot a lot. At every meal and whenever we could sneak a hand. Addicting game.

3. Final sunset as we’re about to get on the sleeping bus from Ha Giang to Hanoi. The bus is just filled with bunk beds and you drive through the night from the northernmost part of Vietnam (Ha Giang) to Hanoi… or reverse!

4. View from our hostel when we got back to Hanoi. Surprisingly nice!!

6. “Bun Cha” a Thatcher/ Cooper/ Kody favorite…. cooked meats with noodles in a soup. Looks really good actually! But no vegetarian options. Hanoi is a street food paradise.

7. Sunset last night (November 15) at the lake!

9. View from the women’s museum today. Very interesting spot! Did you know nearly 1 million Vietnamese women fought in the American / Vietnamese war?

More later!!



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