Cooper leaving :(

I was going to combine “Cooper leaving” and “Marrakesh” into one post, but the two events were so wholly different I think I’ll just keep their posts separate, too.

Cooper and I spent our last few days in a kind of odd (read: run-down) Air Bnb on the outskirts of Madrid after returning to Spain from a whirlwind week in Portugal.

The final days were painful. Suddenly, I was keenly aware that Cooper leaving meant the end of The Big Adventure. Two weeks apart I was sure we could weather, but the end-of-an-era-ness of his departure is really what I was mourning.

How do you sum up a year of exploration into a few words? (You can’t. Or, at least, I can’t.) But I do really want to say thank you to my fellow backpacker, roommate, and partner for spending the last 333 days, or: 28,771,200 seconds; 479,520 minutes; 7992 hours; 47 weeks and 4 days; 91.23% of a year with me.

Sure, we had highs and lows, but they were mostly highs. We traveled to lucky number 18 countries together. Spent time with both of our families and some of our closest friends. Worked a combined 4 months on different farms (or want-to-be farms. Looking at you, Sligo.) Dealt with 10 different currencies. Slept on anything from a bus, boat, or plane, to delightfully comfortable homes (thank you to our families for providing those and Bulgaria for having such a favorable exchange rate). Celebrated holidays with no one but each other.

Here’s to all of our incredible memories from November 5th, 2018 to October 3rd, 2019. I’m so proud of us!

Who knows what is next in store for us, but I do know I’m excited for it!



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