Menorca :~)

We’re in Menorca! It’s beautiful here. Clearly something is wrong with my little bloggyy because none of my pictures have been uploading in the recent posts!

Here are some from Menorca!

Just day after day of gorgeous beach ❤
I often feel really lucky to live on the same planet as the Mediterranean Sea… she’s a beaut!
Cool curvy leaves ~
Tree next to Laura’s Catalan-Family’s house 🙂 we hung out here in the late afternoon. Played the classic game of ‘keep away: boys versus girls’ in the pool with 2 of the 3 kiddies. We did have to stop the game before someone got hurt… Then we ate almonds from their farm, and cheese, melon, bread… yum 🙂
Drool-worthy walk around town
🙂 palm trees and white houses! so beachy!


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