Edinburgh to London (September 6)

Today we saw a fully grown man (bald, tall) wearing a black polo and jeans in Waverley train station chewing on a Ken doll! (You know, Barbie’s male counterpart). Upon further inspection, Ken was missing the lower 1/2 of 1 leg and an entire arm and his whole plastic body was covered in bite marks. Save for the maimed Ken doll sticking out of his mouth, the man doing the chewing looked very normal.

We then dropped our bags off in a luggage storage and met up with Sally R. — a Cooper Friends friend turned Casey Tulane friend who is now living in Edinburgh. At a cafe called Leo’s Pantry, we ran into the only other person we know who lives in Edinburgh, and all had tea and coffee and cake together. What a lovely afternoon!

On the train to London now. We rode next to a rainbow for a while, which was pretty special.


View from Arthur’s Seat – Edinburgh!
Grass blowwwinnngg in those strong winds at Arthur’s seat :~)
View, view, view 🙂 Edinburgh on the left/middle. There was some sort of race around the hill too. We made it down in time to see people receive their medals 🙂
View from Arthur’s 🙂
View from our AirBnb where we had several issues, including finding and getting into the apartment (there were no numbers or anything to indicate this was ours), but overall had a very nice and comfortable stay. This was breakfast one morning 🙂
Brekkie for Coop, Casey, and Laura. We had leftovers!
London. View from our guest room in Fede’s place. Unbelievable stay with unbelievable hosts.
Would you look at this VIEW! My goodness lil London, you cute!
Grateful for: sunsets, generous friends, water/reusable water bottles, backpacking, London 🙂
Warrrrm warm light – London
Sunset from Fede’s terrace. London
Annnddd another one. London
Friends/ roommates/ guests etc. all good things 🙂

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