Leaving Sligo… on to Dublin!

We just left our most recent WorkAway in Sligo and are heading down (as I write this!) to Dublin where we are meeting up with Cooper’s friend from abroad, Claudia. She had business in London and decided to just hop on over to Ireland just to hang around! Any time a friend visits (whether that’s my friend or Cooper’s) it means so much! So touching that someone would take time out of their busy lives to spend time schlepping around with us 💛

The WorkAway wasn’t really what we expected, but it had its perks nonetheless. It’s a big deal to have space to ourselves (even when it is a mobile home, sometimes also inhabited by slugs and spiders). Our 5hr/day agreement was actually honored here leaving us lots of time to read or go into town.

When we were working, we did anything from chopping wood for kindling, to weeding, to painting, to mowing the lawn… really any miscellaneous maintenance tasks. However, for the last 7 days or so, I finally got studio time! (Background: we chose this place because the listing called for people to help with ceramics + pottery). Rachel makes a series of vaguely religious figures as well as plaques with different nature symbols/ stamps on them. I was helping her with both of those and it was SO GOOD to get back into the clay-groove!! Podcast on, rings off, locked in to the art and the time just flies by. Cooper unfortunately didn’t get to make any pieces, but we’re still devoting at least part of our lives to ceramics upon returning home and I promised to teach him how it’s done ✅

Cooper finished Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in 1 day earlier this week! And I’m rounding third and heading home on Out Stealing Horses which I highly recommend, so far. I lug around a small library of I think 10 books now (plus the kindle) and my bag is officially over 20 kilos, something I’m going to have to fix BEFORE we take our next budget flight in 4 days….

Our schedule from here is:

August 29- September 2: Dublin

September 2- September 6: Edinburgh

September 6- September 10: London

That’s all for now. Sending love !!!!


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