Backtracking our backpacking !

Now adapting a text I sent to JENNY into a blog post… still need to cover New Zealand and Israel. Where has the time gone?!

Italy was amazing really relaxing and posh and great to be with Cooper’s family I just totally fell in love with them (and I think the feeling is mutual!!) also so nice to be with people for a month that we know and love! I left the family party (when it was just Cooper, his mom, Shawne, and his moms friend, Ugoma) to join Constance in Milan and spend 5 days with her and her groovyass friends from all over the world (who, by the way, now follow my blog!! how sweet is that?! BTW, ready to discuss The Defining Decade whenever y’all finish it!) We all fell in friendlove over cacio e pepe and stuffed zucchini flowers and Bastille Day celebrations. Pretty cool to be an American, in Italy, celebrating Bastille Day!! However, you should learn from my mistakes, the French do not call July 14th ‘Bastille day’ and some didn’t even know what I was talking about. It’s ‘le quatorze Juillet’ for them just as we have ‘the 4th of July’. While in Milan, I also was channeling my bff Jenna since she studied there. I reallllllyyyy loved the city as a place to visit and for Coax and her friends to live in (for now!). It is much more European + modern than other places we’d been in Italy and farrrrrr less touristy.

After Milan, Matthew and Katie met us in Como, Italy. We spent a few days on what we learned is actually a very polluted lake with very few public beaches, playing cards and eating pasta until we worked our way up to Liechtenstein where we hiked for 4 days (trekking almost 50 miles!) and spent one day at Lake Caumasee in Switzerland which was a total highlight… amazing and blue and beautiful. The whole scene reminded me of Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe by Édouard Manet or you may know it as Luncheon in the Grass (maybe too fringe of a reference to be relatable, but I’ve hyperlinked it for you! ) No one was naked, but it was a little oasis in the green of the alps! From the lake, you could see snow-capped mountains. All fantastic. Something bizarre about the lake though (should you go, keep this in mind): one side of the lake has a $20 entrance fee, but if you’re up to it, you can walk the 6 minutes (maybe) to the other side, where it is public. We chose the free side.

Matthew came with us to Amsterdam where we’ve been for the last week, but we spent the weekend in Paris visiting my cousin, Luca 🙂

Now, we’re back in Amsterdam living in a dream world in our nice hotel on the outskirts of town right on the water. We head out this weekend! Going to our next WorkAway in either Ireland or Scotland 💛

That’s all on my end!

Matthew showing off some berries we picked while hiking Lichtenstein. We ate them as snacks during one day of our walk, but they got very hot and melty! Still delicious, though. Still can’t believe we hiked an entire country!
The beautiful Lake Caumasee in Switzerland (feat. a snippet of my finger!) look at how blue / clear that water is!!

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