Back In AMST <3

This is an adaptation of a text I sent Jenna yesterday just keeping her updated since I have totally dropped the ball here…

Happy August 6th to all!! Ariel’s birthday is coming up on the 10th so everyone keep that in mind ❤

Re: our plans…. Cooper and I made the 13 hour hajj back to Amsterdam from Paris (I f*cking love it both cities so much!!!) to spend the next 3 days (at least) rounding out our time there and trying trying trying to find WorkAways. We found one in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (who knew that was their flag?? Okay.) for the end of August to end of September which we’d like a lot, but aren’t like over-the-moon-crazy about because (1) sweet Baby Jamie is going to be in Spain and I’d like to be closer to there to see her (2) Laura Rostad is coming to Berlin in late August + early September with the hopes of hanging around and yet again Berlin and Scotland just aren’t that close to each other and (3) that would really cut into the time I’d possibly be able to see my girl Jenna!!! So like I said, we are lukewarm. Not committed yet. But the opportunity looks very cool! The Scottish highlands seem phenomenal and we’d really like to get to a WorkAway again. IN ADDITION it’s the Edinburgh fringe festival in August and I’d love to go to that. So that’s yet another plus. We’re applying to places in the Netherlands right now too.

IN other *VERY* exciting WorkAway news, we just heard from a ceramics studio in Ireland looking for help and since Cooper (and Matthew) and I are dedicating our lives to pottery, this is a wonderful development. Keep ya fingers crossed, kids!

As for last weekend, Cooper and I spent the weekend in Paris with my amazing cousin Luca! So that was pretty freakin cool. Big Ups to my girl Coax for the recommendations… we had great meals at East Mamma and Bouillon Chartier as well as picnics by the Seine. The whole thing was really idyllic.

Happy 1 year overseas to my Coop!!!! And (almost) 10 months to me!!! Every single day brings new adventures and challenges… I STILL cannot believe how lucky we are that we get to EXPLORE so much of what this big, crazy world has to offer. I am also excited to spend so much time with loved ones when I’m home and see all the cool new changes in everyone’s lives 💛

Very last thing…. Cooper (somehow) got a deal on a SWEET hotel on the outskirts of Amsterdam (right on the water?? with a KING BED!!) it was literally 1/2 the price of the hostel where I recently got bed bugs and this place is SO FREAKIN NICE. Feeling extra lucky today! and for the next 3 days! Happy us!

Paris ❤ Gosh darn I love it there!
Wooowww chandelier 🙂 Versailles
Me! In Versailles. In Marie Antoinette’s living quarters.
Queen’s bedroom. Versailles!
Versailles (drool-worthy light on some seriously gilded window panels)
Guess where!
Brekkie at Ivy & Bros (thank you for the rec, Rachel T!)
Some Amsterdam beauty
Me! In front of the WORLDS THINNEST HOUSE! Can you see that!! Only a door-length wide!! Houses on the canal are taxed more according to width of the home on the canal… so here we are! The worlds thinnest house. How they fit a bed in there is beyond me.

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