Krakow! (sorta)

Sunday, June 23, 2019

~Israel recap~

We left Israel after spending the better part of 6 weeks in the exceptionally hot, cloudless, proud, diverse country. We had an incredible time there with my family, and then Coopers, and then friends… new and old.

We’re now in Krakow after enjoying 3 days in Warsaw (which we will return to tomorrow).

Much to discuss about Poland. I’ll save it for a longer post 🙂

Much love!

Ps. I’m begging Cooper to do a post about Poland, so if you want to nudge him too I’d be *very* appreciative (although, to be honest, he probably wouldn’t!)

Cool ivy near the castle. All brick buildings should have ivy 🙂
Coffee shop print!
Loved this part… “sex, drugs, & rock’n’roll” Just coffee for me, thanks!
Krakow building, nice tree, nice sky : )
Even nicer building, light, tree, sky!
Greenery. Lovely.

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