And we’re back!

VERY excited to share a GUEST post by my dear friend @MilesDeSouza!! Who, as you probably know, visited us for 2 weeks in Australia. I’m really grateful to have his perspective on the country and our shared journey from Brisbane to Sydney.

**Regularly scheduled blog posts (and the answers to the trivia questions) will return with the next post!!** 

Also, let it be known that I (Casey) captioned the photos with direction from Miles.  Here y’all go! Our FIRST GUEST POST 😀 


let me first preface my take by saying I’m seriously more than blessed to have been able to travel to Australia. the fact alone that i can self finance a trip to visit my friends on the other side of the world is never something i would take for granted and to be quite honest, i never even thought i would have the found myself in the position i am today. so for that i’m truly greatful.

generally speaking, despite the madness of everyone’s day to day i think it’s important to never count your blessings and be thankful for everything you have. whether you do it in private, or in public on social media or whatever. the fact alone that you can take time to acknowledge that you have a roof over your head and clothes on your back (and then some) is something i find key to putting things in perspective and maintaining some semblance of mental well being. 

some people would give the world just to have what we throw away on a daily basis so yeah. not to sound preachy but it’s true.

also prolly important i make that clear before whoever reads this reads my take on my trip. i write this from an honest place and not from a place of entitlement or ignorance about some of my privilege or the australian people. 

aight so voom

so australia or “down under” as literally everyone, quite unprovoked and headache inducing, called it when asking me how my trip was, was… cool! and…interesting. don’t get me wrong australia is breathtaking (certain parts of it at least, ya know) from standing tens of thousands of feet high on the blue mountains overlooking australia’s version of the “grand canyon” to being dwarfed by the surreal presence of the opera house on the syndey harbor, australia definitely didn’t lack sites to see or things to

it was great in that regard and gave our crew (syndey shitheads, family etc.) mad sun to soak and stuff to do on a daily basis.

but, in my personal opinion it may have lacked in something else. something else that say, new york city or a handful of other places i’ve been to have- and nah its not a restless nightlife because on vacation i feel like i can do without that- for my own mental health. but it felt like it was lacking a palpable identity… or attitude maybe?

from highway billboards where politicians mimicked trumps thumbs up posturing and even went so far as to use the slogan “make australia great” to the fact that i was reminded that it’s a part of the commonwealth and thus ruled by queen Elizabeth all made me a bit confused tbh. ( yo And the fact that i didn’t see a wild kangaroo once was kinda like the fuck. Whose mans is this place kinda ya know. Like is u tryna be the UK by way of the US? it’s unclear to me. )

but i digress

i get it.  obviously they all look good, they’re all tan, they like to surf, some are blond some are brunette but they all can surely chat you up real well.
and while i don’t mean to reduce them to just those things- that is what stood out to me the most-
is this just the new yorker in me that overly critical and judgement of personalities if they aren’t overt or overbearing? maybe. that could definitely be the case. 

but i kinda felt like maybe the “Australian identity” was TOO clear. in like the “you get what u expect” LA kinda way… but definitely less vapid and more honest lol (australia ur really not that bad fam)

maybe it was that i was kinda hoping to see more of an intermingling of aborigines or at least a bit more diversity but surprise surprise some don’t rly like “those people (aborigines)” (racism always finds its way). so the homogeneity was noticeable a bit like meh…

again. could be spoiled coming from new york’s “melting pot”. but it’s worth note i feel like. 

but Yo. this is just one mans opinion and i’m not trying to make a sweeping statement about the each australian individuals personality or anything (which i realize i still might be doing). Im just giving you what i felt from my time there. 

But then there’s this. THE GOOD SH*T. Each day and night, each sunset and sunrise felt somewhat dreamlike- in a good way. great way. and while i’m sure that was part the sea salt infused air of bondi beach and byron bay, or the palm trees swaying in the window outside the airbnb, i think it was more a side effect of the company i kept coupled with my in-moment-introspection of the zeitgeist of a 20something.

Like i said to coop on the trip- it could have been anywhere I pulled up on him and we would have carried on posting as we always do- it just so happens that the place was 16 hours on the other side of the world. as my boys say “the post is eternal”. so while australia is beautiful , i think the people i spent that time with are even prettier and had an ever greater impact on our time. Not to mention being able to take 2 weeks off from work and travel the world at 24 is some shit out of a book. and generally the protagonist of that book isn’t black. like me. so that’s dope plot twist on y’all aye. 

anyway- my response goes a little like an abbreviated version of that when people how the trip went. i’m beyond grateful to have seen brisbane, gold coast (miami lite), byron bay (yooo so dope), and syndey (coo too), but what rly made the trip special was that it was rly once in a lifetime experience to share with my mates. i know that as i grow further from the trip, i’ll only look back on it with more and more fondness 

so shout out Casey Coop Jenny and Jamie…..
and obvi Jussie Smollett

Yerrrr 🗣 lol




Didn’t see wild ‘roos, but we did eat some. Lunch at Harvest near Byron Bay.
Squad outside of Bondi Beach AirBnB.
Street art. Bondi Beach.
The fruit that tried to kill us. You’d think from looking at it that our near-death experience with Jak fruit was due to its size or spikes, but its a lot more than that. Basically, we bought these mammoth fruits at tropical fruit world for a small fruit-fortune. Turns out they weren’t ripe, so we lugged them for over a week, on countless car trips AND to a flight to Sydney. When our flight got cancelled, we decided to celebrate and eat them in Bris. Well, well, I guess the poor jak had rotted in that week of hot cars and AirBnbs, but it didn’t look it! So we all took a slice and almost immediately we’re choaking and itchy. Cooper was the only one who, after seeing all of us suffering, chose not to consume the jak……..
Our family! In Sydney!


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