March 4!

Wrote this on the 4th but didn’t get to post!!

We have left the farm! On a train in Brisbane now heading from Jackie’s house (Kira’s mom who kindly hosted us last night) and our air bnb that we’ll share with Jenny when she arrives tomorrow morning!!

A bit of a shock being back on the road… it took us about 10x longer than normal to pack our backpacks when we left the farm since we hadn’t practiced in so long! But nonetheless we prevailed! Had a lovely, sweets-filled day on Saturday with the Herlaar’s celebrating the baby twins 2nd birthday. We all ventured down to Brisbane together, partied in the park, and were handed off to Kira’s mom. She lives on the beach in Redcliffe, a suburb of Brisbane, where we had enough time to go for a coffee and a walk on the beach before we went to…. drum roll please…. trivia night!

Jackie works for a nonprofit called Chameleon House that, from what I could gather, provides homes for at-risk youth. Last night was a benefit trivia night and we really, truly had a great time. Obviously, we had no idea what to expect, but we dressed our backpacker best and tagged along with our host. I straightened my hair for the first time since I left New York. Cooper wore jeans for the first time in months. Turns out our less-than-best would have fine. It was a super casual event in a school gym, cheap alcohol, and ~300 rowdy Aussies. There were maybe 6 rounds of trivia on categories such as sports, history, science, etc. It was mainly Aussie-focused, but they had a few US/international questions we *tried* to help with. Below are some of the questions I remember… I’d love to know if you give it a shot!!!!! Answers to come in next post. 🙂

1. When was Julius Caesar killed? (I got this one!!)

2. Which MLB teams are named after birds? (Cooper and I got this one!! Yes, he answered faster. But let the record show that I *also* knew!!)

3. How many prime numbers are there between 0-50? Not including 1. (I encourage you to try this one. We got it wrong.)

4. If you’re playing for the Stanley Cup, what sport are you playing? (Yes, we both knew this too!)

5. What actor or actress has been in all of the following movies: The Hunger Games, Julie and Julia, The Devil Wears Prada, and The Pelican Brief?

6. Who are the only three men to have won a grand slam over Nadal, Federer, Jokovich, and Murray since 2006? (Cooper got 2/3 on this one and was very satisfied with that)

7. How many US presidents were assassinated? And, for bonus points, who were they? (We also got this wrong, which was a bit demoralizing for me)

8. Who is the current foreign minister of Australia? (Our Aussie teammates also didn’t get this one, but apparently there have been some resignations recently)

9. How many suburbs of Brisbane have the letter “z” in it? (Our Brisbane people didn’t even get this right!)

We ended up coming in 6th/30 which I was actually quite happy with especially since we were short 2 players.

Fast forward to March 11!!! (today for us) the gang is all here (Miles and Jamie arrived today and yesterday respectively) in Brisbane and after a week road tripping north with Jenny we are heading south to Gold Coast right now all 5 of us! Can’t wait to tell y’all everything. Here are some pics to hold ya over :))


TRIVIA NIGHT !! 🙂 We has so much fun with this group. It was a nice re-introduction to non-farm life. And it’s fun hanging with the 50+ crowd!! Jackie is 51. And a grandmother of 4. And thinks she’s old. Crazy.
Redcliffe train station sunset!!
Heart milk in our coffee :)) first morning with Jenny in Bris!!
First Air BnB in Bris 🙂 nice flower situation outside the window
Noosa nature hike. This is from the lookout point Hells Gates. Looks more like heaven to me! 🙂 (ha ha) we saw a Koala on the hike. The whole thing was pretty spectacular.
End of Noosa hike view.
More Noosa hike!!

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