Lime Lessons

Hey sweet friends and family! We are really at the tail end of our time here at Herlaar Farms which I think we’re both happy and sad about. Since we’re wrapping up, I’d like to share just some of what we learned about farm life — or, more specifically, limes — since we’ve been here.

These are some limes we’ve seen through the days of picking!!

This here is a rotten lime. You can tell because it has yellowing near the bottom (the opposite side is attached to the tree). If there’s yellowing on the lime, it’s not necessarily rotting. But, if there’s yellow at the poles, it rotten!
This is the “nipple” side as Kira calls it. The bottom of the lime. The little indent is fairly common and not a sign of rotting 🙂
The white ring you see in the background is what we use to pick/measure the limes. If the lime can fit through the white ring, it’s too small to pick.
This is a mark from the hail storm. Also not an indication of rotting. Just hail!
Big ass lime. Apparently the big limes don’t sell as well because they sell their limes by the kilo so if the limes are large, there are less of them.
See the crates in the back!? We pick like 16 crates worth of limes on Mondays. Each crate is about 14-15 kilos. So. Many. Limes.
Kefir lime! Looks like a brain 🧠 The kefir lime trees are significantly larger than the Tahitian (regular) limes. They don’t use the limes, but the leaves are in a lot of recipes and curries.
I think these limes are *quite* aesthetically pleasing.
Dented nipple
A few rotten limes!


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