Final week!

A lot to share of course! We re-uped our phone plans again so we can stay in constant contact. We have so much to unpack with you all about the farm and the family, but this is going to be a quick bloggyyy post

Still wrapping my head around the fact that we’ve been with the Herlaar’s for over 5 weeks and we have 1 more to go! It’s a fairly busy lifestyle here — there’s always something to do on the farm or with the kids — but as I’ve told y’all before, it’s great to be back in a routine.

So excited for Jenny to come on the 5th and Miles and Jamie soon after. Still cannot believe we have friends that like us enough to visit us on this side of the world!! That goes for Lauren and Alex and StanceConstance, too. 💛

Finishing up Outliers (and enjoying it way more than I thought I would from the first chapter… I didn’t totally buy into the hockey player + birth month thing, but as the book goes on I find him + his arguments more compelling).

It’ll be hard to leave the babies and the farm life and being with a family, but I’m looking forward to seeing our wonderful friends and a new part of Australia 🇦🇺 We leave next Saturday as the whole family is driving down to Brisbane for the twins second birthday :))) We’ll split off from them there and meet up with Jenny just 2 days later!!!!!!!

hope everyone having a lovely weekend 💘

Monday’s are picking days! This week we picked around 250kgs of limes. That’s about 550lbs!!!
Sweet Addie stealing my phone and taking a selfie 🙂
Addie teaching for my mobile device on the daybed on the porch with Cooper
Sassy Cadie :)) The overalls Cadie is wearing are “OshKosh” which is only cool because Cooper allegedly wore the very same brand when we was Cadie’s age.
The pasta Cooper and I made on Tuesday. We had a grand ole day working the farm in the morning and playing with the kids, watching Chefs Table, and making fresh pasta. Mom and Dad I have to get you a pasta maker this was some good, (sorta) clean, fun. And was quite a bit more delicious than the store-bought fettuccine. #wholesomecontent
Water play with my girls 🙂
Very young lime trees!!!
Eggs fresh from the farm this morning. Chickens are called Chooks here.
Brayden eating cookies I made everyone this afternoon. He also decorated his! Ps. Everyone really loved the recipe so if you want it, let me know!
Addie posted this!!!! from my phone and I thought it was just about the funniest thing.

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