Week 3 at Herlaar Farm :)

Ayoooooo!!! Yesterday marked our THIRD week here on the farm! Pretty groovy :~) Lots of changes as of late… our third backpacker (Conor) has left for another farm up north and the older kids are back in school leaving us with more farm work and fewer kiddos.

Updates from me: I picked up knitting again and am making something for Ava with the purple yarn she gave me AND I baked a cake while watching the twins on Wednesday and have decided to devote my spare time to both of these revitalized hobbies. Pictures to come for sure. I’m especially excited by the baking (big shoutout to Zubin ❀ I hope to achieve his level of cake-success eventually!!) if anyone has any easy bake ideas, please send them my way πŸ™‚

Updates from Coop: he shaved his mustache (whew) and finished his book, The Soul of America, which he highly recommends. πŸ™‚

We spent Thursday working on another farm (the one we spent Australia Day at). We planted something like 300 grapefruit trees starting at 5am! But we were blissfully done by 11 and treated to a lovely lunch and Aussie beer πŸ™‚

Th th th th that’s all, folks! Miss ya, love ya, and happy weekend to all!

Beach from last weekend!! We did a little mini hike / walk to this massive sand dune that looked over the water. So beautiful and fun!
Hardly home but always reppin’ πŸ’˜ teaching Addie to RDW
RDW! πŸ’š 🌊
Okay this is an actual living spider Kira saw a few nights ago upon walking into the bathroom. It’s called a Huntsman spider πŸ•· and it was the size of two of my fists.
Some gorgeousness on the sand dune
Cooper with his mustache and Diesel the dog!
Rainbow Beach from the sand dune!!

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