Rabbit Rabbit!!!

Happy February 1st dear friends!! Hope everyone’s ushering in the first day of the second month with good cheer 🙂 we have not had WiFi for the last week or two so this is the first time in quite a bit that I’ve been able to post (from my laptop which is so much easier for me).

Also, I would like to congratulate myself on the end of “Dry January” for the second year in a row! I did break it on Australia Day when we went to their friends’ farm for some beers and meat (much like July 4th) and since I am no meat eater, I participated in the beers…

Out here on the farm…. yesterday we had a full-day of babysitting starting at 6:30am ending at like 7pm or so…. changed a half-dozen diapers and Cooper and Conor also had their fair share of doodie-diaper-duty. Long day, but as you may or may not know, these twins are cute, sweet, and call me “MOM!” now, so I think I’m on their good side :~) (between you and me, they do call a lot of things mom, but I like it, so I’m running with it!) We watched (drum roll please) four* movies. SO, here goes:

*Could be 9 or 10 movies I guess depending on who you talk to since Ballad of Buster Scruggs is 6 films in 1.

We started with a Chef’s Table. The one about Ivan Ramen. Not a movie and not counting it as such. I loved it and the babies were dozing — they barely slept the night before. Anyway, highly recommend for foodies, New Yorkers, Jews, and/or ramen-lovers (so, everyone I know). Theeen I realized I should probably put something on for the kiddos sooo we chose Boss Baby. (Really interesting to interact with mostly non-verbal babies after months of a language barrier. Feels, as they say in Southeast Asia, same same but different. Lots of misunderstandings. Lots of hand motions.) I actually liked Boss Baby if anyone is babysitting and needs a Netflix ideaaaa. I put the babies down for their nap and I watched The Ballad of Buster Scruggs which I didn’t know anything about other than it was mentioned in one of my podcasts, Keep It!, as being an Oscar nom so I thought I’d give it a shot. My two cents: I did not really give it a shot (oops) while watching, and therefore did not love it… after I realized it was 6 short films I was a little disappointed and did not give it the attention it deserved. I liked the short with Tom Waits and if you’re a Coen brother fan, I would recommend. I’d like to see it again knowing what it is. Also, if you do see it, please let me know I’d love to discuss! Drop a line. Share your thoughts. Also, I actually don’t like that podcast that mentioned the movie in the first place (sorry Crooked Media, you know I love almost everything you do) just not endorsing that. THEN the boys chose Gone Girl (babies still asleep)… I did not love. If you’re looking for a thriller of the same genre, I preferred The Girl on the Train (even though that has significantly worse reviews). Finally, the babies were awake, needed changes and food and milk and love (all of which they so rightly deserve). Fast forward… the Herlaar family returns home and we put on (but did not finish) The Informant which was intriguing and I plan to finish eventually… hopefully tonight! Yes, that is a lot of movies and TV time, but I do think I needed a day though to loaf, if I do say so myself…. Oh! And last weekend, we watched the Fyre Festival documentary which left me sick and sad, but I’d also recommend and if anyone has a Hulu login they’d like to share with me, please hand it over!

As for other pastimes, really into the “How I Built This” pod by NPR. Listen to the one with Jerry Murrell. I thought he was funny and perfectly self-deprecating for a multi-millionaire BUT they never get into the peanuts-at-every-restaurant thing. Which seemed odd to me. I listen to a lot of pods working on the farm. Is Slow Burn Season 1 or 2 better? I tried season 2, but it made me too sad (as a recent-22 year old, my heart aches for young Monica Lewinsky)… And, re books, still working my way through through Into Thin Air.

As for the farm work… as “always**”, on Monday we picked limes, Tuesday finished out the orders (made sure we picked enough) and washed, waxed, boxed the fruit to be delivered on Wednesday. I L-O-V-E-D deliveries last week and INCORRECTLY assumed that would ALWAYS BE MY JOB, but apparently we ROTATE (ugh! you should have seen my face when I said “deliveries?” and Kira said “no.” Mildly embarrassing on my end, but whatever, my day will come! In two weeks!). So, Conor went on Wednesday with Kira while I moved some root stocks into the greenhouse and then babysat the twins 🙂

** I say, “always” because its been TWO WEEKS TODAY! So, not that much time, but now we have a routine!

So! Two weeks today. Two weeks on the farm. Two weeks in Australia. Two weeks in the Southern HEMISPHERE! (I hadn’t been below the equator before!) This part of my adventure feels like a totally different chapter — we have been in the same place with a bed and a family and a routine! It’s all so different to the last three months. I like this pace for sure. I like waking up at 6:15 and having the whole day (until we go to bed… always before 10pm). I like working outside and sweating BECAUSE we were working (not just walking around hothotBangkok or something. Even though I loved hothotBangkok). I like the dogs and the fresh air and the babies and the whole Herlaar family and getting to know people other than the usual hostel small talk. Everyone has been so welcoming, so open, so unapologetically themselves! Its refreshing. I do miss exploring, though. Yesterday, for the first time since we’ve been here, I got what Alex Supertramp (new semi-hero of mine) “itchy feet,” but with no way to cure it (watching two kids and not having a motor-vehicle) I (as you know) put on the Ivan Ramen Chefs Table to see scenes of home 🙂

Of course, I miss the States, and my family and friends most of all, but last night I had a nightmare my adventures had to come to an end which, upon waking up, I was happy was a nightmare! Because I don’t have to go anywhere (yet)! Better yet, people I love are coming HERE!! Yes, HERE! As you know, Miles is booked, but what you might not have known is that two of my closest and dearest friends (and 2 of the 4 most important J’s in my life!) are BOOKED and headed this way ~ ~ ! Down unda to yours truly. Jenny will be spending OVER TWO WEEKS with us as we trek down the east coast of Australia and are joined by Jamie L. (and Miles) meeting us a week later!! Boy, oh boy. Am I one lucky duck?!

I think the answer is: yes. Quack! Where did this expression come from?!

And with that, I am signing off! Big congrats to my sister for getting that internship in DC this spring! So GD proud of you. And shoutout to Auds because I can and I miss her. I hope y’all hang around in the coming months!! Especially since young Jamie will be going from DC to Cape Town (which is very Auds of her ;)) Sending love and happiness and warm hugs from Down Unda!!! ❤

Farm where we had Australia Day! 
The babies and me!!! 
Caidence! Baby! Sour cream! Cat!
Cadie and the cat 🙂
Me and Addie!
IDK I liked this news from the States ! ! 
Double rainbow during an afternoon shower 🙂
Rainbow!!!!! x2 !!!!

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