Hellllloo hello (sawadee ka!!) from our penultimate stop in Thailand!! It is old and hot hot hot hot hot here. Ayutthaya was the capital city of the Kingdom of Siam from the mid 1300s to the late 1700s (when the Burmese invaded, took over, and burned the city to the ground). Yesterday the temp reached 100 degrees and we spent it outside roaming around ruins nearly three times as old as the US of A. I think (and someone fact check me on this) the whole city is a UNESCO world heritage site. And if not the whole city, certainly huge chunks of it.

We’re staying in a quaint bed and breakfast called Baaneve Guesthouse in the southeast corner of the main part (the island) of the city. I think we’re going to do a boat trip tonight (if Cooper feels up to it!) down the south part of the island. With Coop being sick and the temp being 100 degrees and me not feeling comfortable walking around solodolo (post stalkerman incident), its been a bit hard to see the city. I think we’re both looking forward to Australia, or at least fresh fruits and veggies and a consistent place to sleep. And working out again. And better air quality.

Speaking of Australia!! News from our people Stateside!! Miles has booked, yes BOOKED his trip to come see us (maybe mostly Cooper, but imma say US! 🙂 ) in less than 2 months!! I can’t believe it. He arrives just after we plan to finish at the citrus farm in early March. We have a grand plan to get a camper van and make our way down the coast for about two weeks! And @JamieL has ~floated!~ the idea of joining!! (@JamieL, if Miles can book, you can too!) We’d all meet in Gold Coast and end in Sydney. Looking for any recs/ideas from loved ones who have spent time Down Undaaa (@CaitlinK @ArielG)

And, speaking of friends, a special BACK2BACK SHOUT-OUT to my girl Jordan who, I think, is my only friend to subscribe to my blog. So thank you Jord. It means a lot. Also, she was in my dream last night along with @MollyKR. We were at the Australian Open! How fun!

In other news….

1. I’ve re-picked up my Momma’s habit of looking at lux real estate in places I want to live (@Mom, thank you. Fun way to play make-believe). @NOLA, I’ve got my eyes on you!!!

2. @Elizabeth and @Alan’s wedding photos are out and I spent maybe 2 hours laughing and tearing up at so many of them. What a fun wedding! So much dancing! So much sweat! So much family! So much love!!!

3. I am about a third of the way through with Into The Wild. Who’s read it?! Still looking for a book buddy.

4. I read this article the other day (a bit old now, but alas) it reminded me of some GOP / Trump / 2018 atrocities I had forgotten and made me laugh out loud.

Alright! That’s it for now… Signing off!! ❤ Sending love from Ayutthaya.

Ps. Also major shout-out to my Gram and Pop who are making their way down the eastern seaboard via car and train and who knows what else. Hats off to those traveling travelers! So cool!!! Can’t wait to see y’all in May ❤

Look at that! Beautiful gold and red and lovely mosaic detail on a wat (or is it a pagoda?? or is a wat a TYPE of pagoda?? can we get an expert on this somewhere Google isn’t helping much…) Ayutthaya, Thailand 🙂
Living flowers versus dead car — Auytthaya, Thailand! 
Signature coffee at Summer House (a Shawne-friend rec that Coop and I really enjoyed!) Anyway, I normally do not go for either milk or sugar in my coffee, but I did not feel like I could pass this one up… that’s coffee-colored cotton candy on top! No french fries to go with it though 😉 (who remembers that phase of my life?!)  
Our faces! Outside the aforementioned pagoda / wat.  Like I said, 100 degrees.  We were sweating like pigs (WHICH REFERS TO “THE IRON SMELTING PROCESS” NOT A REAL PIG WHO KNEW?!) 
Look at these shades of blue! My oh my I likkkeee!!!! I took this picture at around 8:30AM while looking for a coffee shop to get my usual iced americano and write, but get this: nothing was open… coffee shops in our ‘hood don’t open until 10AM. 10.  On a MONDAY! I was appalled.  Thank goodness I carry emergency instant “ca phe den” packets in my backpack or who knows what could have happened… 

*ca phe den is Vietnamese for “black coffee” 🙂 


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