Ninh Binh –> Hue –> Hoi An

Writing to you now from Hoi An! Coop and I just completed a lovely cooking class which lasted most of the day (9:30am – 3pm).  Woke up quite early this morning so I could speak with so many loved ones celebrating Thanksgiving back stateside (shout out to my Jennygirl!!, all my people and dogs and bird in DeBordieu, and the Roth-Kushletts up in Smallbany <3) thanks for taking the time to hear about every meal and bike ride and hostel oddity.  Also, special shout out to Shawne for reading my ramblings 🙂 What a way to start the day — talking to dozens of people I love!!

Also, just figured out how to caption photos — hope that helps!! Will try to reorganize them in chronological order later, but for now they have the locations!

🙂 ❤

leaving Cat Ba 😦 
view from the boat our bus! was on!! 
view from our homestay in Ninh Binh ~ 🙂 
Cooper! on our lil boat in Ninh Binh 
from ~inside!~ a cave! in Ninh Binh
a very happy Casey in Cat Ba 
more happiness, more sunset
colorful cafe in Hue! ha ha ha hue color love it
view outside of cafe in Hue !! still so colorful :’)
imperial city dragon things in Hue
imperial city ceiling ~~ Hue 
nice light in Imperial City, Hue
Imperial City, Hue
I love the yellow here… that light!!! Imperial City, Hue
more ceiling…. Imperial City, Hue
nice water… imperial city, hue 
Cooper in his favorite shirt. Imperial City, Hue
sunset, Hue!
Breakfast!!! Pineapple, passion fruit, deep fried banana (so good), black coffee (necessity) 
Cooper + Hai Van pass (easy roads and incredible views, if you’re in Nam) 
CAVE!!! Ninh Binh 

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