Bike trip!!!!!

Leaving our first Airbnb AND embarking on the ha giang loop bike (Vespa) trip tomorrow!!

The pics are: 1. flying into Hanoi, 2. The view from our Airbnb 3. The view from the kitchen/dining area 4. Hanoi, Vietnam scenery! 5. Thatcher (friend from Tulane) playing cards. We play a lot of cards here. I’m getting pretty good! 6. Cool archway ⛩ 7&8. More cool scenery 9. Coop getting directions after a Hi Chi Minh museum (where he is buried and his body preserved and on view for the public!!!!) near the old quarter of Hanoi 10. Me practicing biking today in an empty lot before or trip tomorrow night 11. Coop and Kody at dinner tonight where we grilled our own food. I made eggplant and okra. Kody is our new friend who’s coming with us on the loop. He’s Thatchers teacher friend from here. 🙂 that’s all for now folks!!!! Love love love, Casey


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